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Our Services

Community Works Design Group does what its name implies - it assists communities with the design of park projects that work.  We come from “your side of the fence”. Scott Rice has served as the City Landscape Architect for City of Highland continuously since 2005. Additionally, our Senior Landscape Architect/ ISA Certified Arborist, Dan Burkhart, joined our team after serving as Senior Landscape Inspector for the City of Yorba Linda and our Director of Community Engagement/Senior Project Manager joined our team after serving as the Senior Park Planner for Riverside County Regional Park & Open-Space District.  We offer a wide range of services for all of your landscape architectural and planning needs with the unique perspective of public sector experience.  From project initiation to built environment assessments and improvements we have the expertise on our team to meet all of your needs.  

Landscape Architecture 

Nearly half of CWDG's team are licensed Landscape Architects, with a variety in experiences and education, our team prides itself on collaborative landscape architectural design. 

Project Management & Planning

Our team has planning and project management expertise.  Additionally, their previous experience lends a unique perspective to the project management and planning world. 

Community Works Design Group offers various accessibility related services, including CASp inspections, accessibility compliance reviews, and barrier removal plans for both public and private facilities, including shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, museums, and temporary uses such as art installations, haunted houses, etc.

In addition to his role as the City Landscape Architect for the City of Highland, Scott Rice serves as the City’s Certified Access Specialist (CASp).

Irrigation Design & Auditing

Our team has a Certified Irrigation Designer to troubleshoot all of your irrigation needs.   Over the years, we have assisted various agencies, schools, universities, developers and businesses in the evaluation of their existing irrigation systems, providing full detailing of all equipment and recommendations on how to optimize their systems.  

Arborist - Tree Risk Assessment

Our Certified Arborist comes in particularly handy when working on expansion and renovation parks.  We are able to complete a vitality and health assessment for existing trees and make recommendations regarding which trees to protect in place. 

LEED & SITES Accreditation 

In addition to having a LEED AP on staff, our team keeps up-to-date with both LEED & SITES projects criteria and processes to assist your municipality with applications and accreditation. .  

Grant Preparation

CWDG has helped several city's and municipalities with grant funding awards, from developing strategic community engagement to conceptual plans and budgets. 

Bidding & Construction Administration

We understand the importance of defining realistic construction costs and cost increase projections when budgeting for construction projects with fixed grant funded budgets. Our firm excels in this type of cost estimating, as we regularly prepare detailed construction plans, details, specifications and estimates for park projects, and strive to make our construction drawing packages the most biddable and buildable across the industry.

Plan Check Services 

Since we also perform Landscape Plan Check for various agencies, our finger remains on the pulse of the industry, and are able to glean tips and tricks to making plans more readable, maintaining a good balance of notes and clarifications without overwhelming the drawings with redundant information.

CWDG recognizes that community outreach and engagement is a fundamental component in the success of any park project.  After all, we’re not designing the park for “us,” we’re designing the park for the community! Pandemic aside, over the past year, we were able to creatively host zoom meetings and drive-thru events to gather public input.  We also utilized online surveys and even developed our own virtual “Build-a-Park” activity where community members could drag and drop their preferred amenities into the park site. 

3D Modeling

Our team prides itself on developing 3-d renderings for conveying the working design to stakeholders and constituents. 

sUAS Drone Imagery

Our in-house FAA Certified UAS (Drone) pilot is utilized to provide monthly progress drone photography for use in updating stakeholders and constituents of construction progress.

SB 1383 Assessments

Our team has developed analysis reporting to assist your City with meeting SB 1383 

What Our Clients Say

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Steve McClary - former City Manager - City of Ojai 


"The City of Ojai has had many successes in working with the Community Works Design Group team for many years on various projects - from skate park design and management to the Sarzotti Park Master Plan.  Their creativity and willingness to work well beyond the scope of the project in order to exceed our City’s needs is just extraordinary.  They have always been there for our City and they have always been on time and within budget time and time again."          

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