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Community Engagement 

Community Works Design Group recognizes that community outreach and engagement is a fundamental component in the success of any park project.  After all, we’re not designing the park for “us,” we’re designing the park for the community! Pandemic aside, over the past year, we were able to creatively host zoom meetings and drive-thru events to gather public input.  We also utilized online surveys and even developed our own virtual “Build-a-Park” activity where community members could drag and drop their preferred amenities into the park site. 

Enchanted Hills Park - Under Construction

From drive through events and "Build-A-Park" Exercises, the CWDG team has come up with creative solutions for safe community engagement. 

Enchanted Hills Community Engagement.JPG

Joe Sampson Park - Completed 2019

At the northeast corner of Cactus and Randall avenues, Joe Sampson Park includes a tot lot play area, a child lot play area, exercise equipment, bike racks, half-court basketball courts and other amenities across 8 acres.

Joe Sampson Park.jpg

Milburn/Dakota Park

CWDG assisted the City of Fresno with their community engagement as part of their Proposition 68 Grant Application resulting in a funding award of $8.5 million for the construction of the community based planning efforts.

Milburn Dakota Rendering A1.jpg
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