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Goetz Park Expansion


CPRS Award of Excellence in Park Planning 


Perris, CA


Phase II Completed September 2020

Design Team

Scott Rice, Dan Burkhart, Kay Kite, Allison Rush


City of Perris


4 Acres


$2 Million

Constructed in 2018, the park features a brand new shaded children’s playground, as well as a lovely walking path around the circumference of the park. Goetz Park also features a baseball diamond, basketball court, and a brand new skate spot. This neighborhood park is perfect for family get-togethers and friendly competition.

CWDG served as prime consultant for master planning, assisted in public outreach for grant submittal preparation, and provided construction document preparation, bid support and construction administration for park and trail projects for the City of Perris, including this award winning Goetz Park.


The 5,000 square foot Goetz Park Skatepark features a good balance of street and transition-style features including multiple sets of stairs and a brick-stamped quarter-pipe. Concrete stained in the shape of the letter “P” adds a nice aesthetic detail and makes this skatepark easily identifiable from above.

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