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mercado aerial 2.jpg

Mercado Park


CPRS Award of Excellence

in Park Planning 2014


Perris, CA


Designed 2018-2019

 Opened Dec. 2020

Design Team

Project Principal: Tim Maloney
Project Manager: Scott Rice


City of Perris

Type of Park Project


Mercado Park, located at 925 S D St. is one of the premiere parks in the City of Perris. Constructed in 2013, Mercado park regularly hosts City events including workouts, Movies in the Park, and the City’s End of Summer Splash. Besides playing host to a theatrical stage, basketball court, and multiple play structures, Mercado Park also features a beautiful Splash Pad where Perris youth can cool off on a hot summer day. 

Notable Features:

Pervious concrete used for walkways throughout park. Whimsical nature theme and vivid colors incorporated into park amenities.

mercado aerial_edited.jpg
splash pad 1_edited.jpg
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