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Dog Park

CWDG specializes in park, recreation and trail development projects.  We have designed over 250 park, recreation and trail projects throughout the state.  It is our philosophy to design with the community to ensure we understand the wants and desires of each individual neighborhood.  We strive to design parks that promote strong families, positive youth development, healthy lifestyles and wellness, social connections and community pride.  

Central Dog Park 

Central Park Dog Park is the City of Rancho Cucamonga’s flagship dog park located within the western end of the Rancho Cucamonga Central Park.  The dog park consists of three separate enclosures; one for small dogs, one for large dogs, and a third enclosure to be used when one of the primary enclosures is undergoing maintenance.  Within each enclosure are large turf areas (including one shaped like a paw print!), surrounded by stabilized decomposed granite, agility equipment, sand dig pits, bench seating and shade structures with filtered light creating paw print-shaped shadows. 

Central Park Dog Park 1.jpg

Rancho Mirage Dog Park 

Rancho Mirage Dog Park is Coachella Valley’s destination dog park facility.  This 4.5 acre, $1.7 million park was designed to sustain within the harsh desert climate.  Large fabric shade sails and multiple pet and human drinking fountains provide ample shade and refreshment in each enclosure.  The plant palette consists of only pet-friendly plant material, installed in stabilized decomposed granite to lessen the impact of blowing sand from the surrounding desert landscape.  A lighted walking path around the perimeter of the park provides wide open views of the nearby mountains. 

Rancho Mirage Sunset.jpg
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