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Frisbie Park Expansion


2021 APWA SoCal
B.E.S.T. Winner


Rialto, CA 


February 2021

Design Team

Scott Rice, Allison Rush, Kay Kite, Dan Burkhart


16.7 Acres


$18 Million

CWDG has been assisting the City of Rialto in progressing Frisbie Park for three decades.  When State Route 210 was constructed in 2007, CWDG reshaped the north side of the park.   Between the years of 2013-2017, CWDG helped the City modernize their sports lighting and develop the plans to add a prefabricated restroom building to the portion of park north of Easton Street.  

Design for the final $16 million renovations and expansion began in 2017 and construction was completed in 2020. 

Among the new amenities are a dog park, space that can serve as an amphitheater for city and private events, shade structures and playgrounds for children.

The Park was designed with direct input from City Maintenance staff, including materials selection, amenity arrangement to allow proper clearances for service equipment 

Complete analysis and renovation of all accessibility (ADA) aspects of existing park, led by CWDG’s in-house Certified Access Specialist (CASp)

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